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06-Sep-2016 04:44

For years I didn’t know her name but I loved everything I saw her in.

Her glamour, her style, her unique delivery – natural, funny, sharp – the little choices she made in her portrayals of sophisticated, yet relatable women that added so much to each and every film she was a part of.

I recently did a post on William Wyler’s, (1946) as part of a blogathon dedicated to Dana Andrews. It’s one of my favorites in all of film – the wonderfully touching scene when Al first returns home (The Homecoming), they see each other and embrace without a word. It wouldn’t work without her – an equal to the power of Fredric March.

I chose to limit my discussion in that post to the three main characters in the film, the three veterans who return from war and are faced with a changed world. I must mention I absolutely adore the brief shot that precedes the embrace in the couple’s hallway.

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(As the famous Variety headline went, “HIX NIX STIX PIX.”) What audiences wanted was to see sophisticated, filthy rich grown-ups in sexually charged relationships.She was Hollywood’s biggest star, the undisputed queen of tinsel town in her prime, yet managed to play every single role in a manner that made her every woman, one we could all recognize as ourselves.