Updating old dining room chairs

11-Jul-2016 01:16

Here’s the “before” of the table: You can read about my DIY painted curtains .I Scotchguarded the chairs way back when, but years of children and pets took their toll.(Or maybe you have a husband who is sick and tired of you painting every surface in your house. It comes in a million colors and patterns, and removes without damaging the surface.Use it to add Greek key detailing, a chevron pattern, or even simple lines!You can even opt to distract with a mixed medley of different types of dining chairs.Actually, you can totally forget about chairs entirely if you're trying to make over your existing dining table.Cane -- generally a byproduct of durable, vine-like rattan -- is as paint-friendly as wood.But to get a truly updated look from the typically old-fashioned, hole-to-hole weave of cane chairs, color is the key.

So I decide to figure out how to reupholster them–the seats would be easy, but I’d never done anything like the backs before.I just sent my beloved aunt and uncle on their way, after a very fun visit, and wanted to show you my dining room table and chairs in a little more detail than what I posted on Facebook.After my dining room updates and , things were almost done, but I have been seriously tempted to paint my table and chairs for about a year now.Yes, a bold, arresting color will definitely shock the senses and be a great makeover for an old table you don't love anymore.

But you don't have to go so bold; even just a subtle sanding and re-staining in a new, more modern finish that works with your home better can drastically change the whole look of your dining table.If you don't want to do too much with the table (or can't because it's a family heirloom) consider instead making over the chairs.

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