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29-May-2016 10:05

have you considered that maybe, just maybe, you’re going about it all wrong?Much like dating in the real world, online dating presents an almost infinite number of ways to shoot yourself in the foot and kill your chances before you even get started.The app also offers messages that can be used to end conversations, which can be found in categories like “Not Interested”.Users can also save their most-used messages in their own “favourites” list, located at the bottom of their device.Step #3: In the message, the scammer normally shows interests in the victim's profile and asks if the victim wants to know more about the scammer.

But now that you’ve had some time to try things out…

Launched on 16th January, Dating Hacks Keyboard is a new application which allows users to send ready-to-use messages directly through all texting and dating apps.

It functions as a separate keyboard, working on dating apps which use the standard keyboard input, such as Tinder, Ok Cupid and Grindr, as well as their device’s own messaging service.

A Dating Scam normally involves these steps: Step #1: The scammer posts an attractive photo (such as attractive professional models) and fake profile on a dating website.

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Step #2: Mass message members with pre-written copy of message.Your taste in music – The Cranberries, Enya, Mazzy Star, ****cat Dolls, Indigo Girls OK girls, waiting for your emails…go So now it’s my turn to answer the question that is running through your head. This guy wrote his profile for himself knowing, that if a girl didn’t like this profile, he probably wouldn’t have liked the girl. I was so intrigued by this guy that I contacted him and asked him what made him write a profile like this.