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The Rolleicord IV (1953-57) improved on the III by adding M sync for flash bulbs as well as double-exposure prevention.You energize the shutter of the Rolleicord III separately from winding the film. Imagine my surprise when I opened my Rolleicord up and found inside it a 35mm film cassette!Distance scale on foccusing knob with depth of field scale above, exposure guide on back door, eye-level critical focusing but no sports finder.The only Roleicord (and the only Rollei product) which featured the art-deco nickel plated design work.The shutter is a Compur-Rapid with speeds from 1/500 sec to 1 sec. Attached to the camera internally was the Rolleikin 35mm adaptor, more on that below. The lenses are extremely clean and the body leatherette is in perfect shape. However, perhaps because of non-use, the slow shutter speeds (1/10, 1/5, 1/2, 1 sec.) are dragging.A light cleaning and lubrication should get them to working condition. Full-size ground glass focusing screen without condenser. Film advance indicated by counter after initially setting to 1 in red window, not coupled to shutter.

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The Rolleicord III improved on the earlier Rolleicord II (1936-1950) by adding a faster sync speed (1/500 on all models; as opposed to 1/300 on the Compur Shutter); X sync; and bayonet lens mounts.I used a Rolleiflex 2.8 for most of it, but am using a 'cord now -- but have returned to B&W to produce platinum/palladium contact prints.