Astrology dating is a good way to

01-Apr-2016 07:51

As far as a lover goes, I have always avoided really airy men.

You can’t get ’em down on the bed to save your life.

Just as a preface, above all I believe that love is the strongest force in the universe and it seeks expressions in all ways, so a good match really comes down to something beyond the signs.

Having said that it is very easy to see the way that these elements are naturally inclined to interact and gain a deeper understanding of the relationships we choose to pursue.

I don’t stay away from anyone for any astrological reason. Also, there are exceptions to every rule and there are people who are exceptional in general!

This doesn’t mean there aren’t things that catch my eye and cause me concern.

That became my dating cycle: Go on a date, discover someone’s astrological sign, determine if we are a good match or not. As it became harder for me to find a guy, I began to let go of the idea of falling in love with someone.

When things didn’t work out, I usually blamed it on astrology. Instead of focusing on finding romantic love, I began shifting my focus on loving myself instead. Listening to live music and expressing myself through movement is one of my favorite activities.

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I suspect this is because I gravitate towards men who adore and appreciate women and these are not the kinds of aspects you see in charts of men who really like women. When looking to partner, are there placements or aspects that you avoid?

For example, all of these elements are naturally harmonious because Earth has the ability to CONTAIN all of waters high and low emotions, thus helping Water to feel more secure.

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